Sep 15, 2016

Googlepalooza by Josiah Smith

Googlepalooza is an event hosted by our school for our entire district. Setting up for a group of people that large is a difficult process due to our schools lack of internet access points in the only place large enough to house 850 people which was our gym. We spent a week creating mobile access points. We made enough 
Image result for googlepaloozaaccess points to allow each person to get on at least three devices. For example, we had to be prepared for each person to be on a computer, a phone, and any other device that needed connection. We placed access points underneath the bleachers facing up to allow for the most signal strength with the easiest setup we could think of. On the day of Googlepalooza a group of three students (myself, Colton Barker, and William Kauppi) sat down with a group of teachers, and provided information on our T.S.I. class as well as how going 1to1 was an advantage, as well as a disadvantage. Basically, we gave them information on our mistakes so they wouldn't make the same ones. At the end of the day we learned that we had over prepared when it came to internet. We had room for many more devices to be connected. From my time talking with teachers who attended they said that they enjoyed the event, and expressed how much they learned from each session. 

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