Sep 22, 2016

Differences between Windows 8 & 10

  • Start Menu
    • In windows 8 when you hit the windows key it would bring you to a whole different screen and would ruin the atmosphere of what you were currently working on and was confusing to get into and out of.
    • In windows 10, they took the same layout of the other screen and just made it smaller and compact in the bottom left hand of the screen. This is more convenient because you can see what you are working on while having the menu open at the same time.
    • Overall windows 10 is better because it is easier for the consumer to figure out what they are doing and more efficient for their work. 
    • Windows 10 on left and Windows 8 on right.
Image result for windows 8 start menuImage result for windows 10 start menu       
  • Microsoft Edge
    • In windows 8 microsoft provided its consumers with a program called internet explorer in which nobody used. This was because it sucked and would take up lots of ram and just overall run way slower.
    • Windows 10 introduced Microsoft Edge which is a internet program that is designed to work explicitly with the new operating system. Microsoft runs very fast and has little ram usage so it doesnt task the computer too much.
    • Overall windows 10 beats out windows 8 once again by popular vote.
Image result for microsoft edge
  • Xbox One
    • Windows 10 brought a new feature to the table with the new os. This was the addition of support for Xbox One users. Consumers can now stream live feed from their Xbox to their PC and even view their friends list.
Image result for Xbox one

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