Sep 22, 2016

Lenovo vs Dell

Image result for chromebook dellImage result for chromebook lenovoThere are several key differences between the new Lenovo chromebooks and the older Dell models. 

Lenovo chromebooks have a new rotating camera which allows you to take front and back facing pictures. This feature is improving upon the Dell camera which is only front facing. 
Dell chromebooks have rubber corners, which provides better protection from being dropped. This feature is not available on the Lenovo chromebooks, which could potentially lead to disaster. Catastrophe could strike if you were to drop your chromebook and it broke. In this situation the Dell chromebooks have a significant advantage over the Lenovo ones. 

The Lenovo also have their own advantages over the Dell chromebooks. For example the Lenovo are slightly cheaper than the Dell. Overall this could be very good for cost efficiency simply because of how many we need to buy every year. Lenovo Chromebook also have the added value that they all have a handle. This makes them easier to carry and reduces the risk of dropping them. Overall both types of Chromebook could be valid options because they each have their own bonuses.   

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